Time to Acknowledge
Bay Hill Mansion is a place to honor and acknowledge meaningful moments. A great place to celebrate important milestones: a birthday, an engagement, a new job, a reunion, an anniversary or (just as precious!) Grandma's taking the kids for the weekend! Bay Hill Mansion, Bodega Bay and the beautiful surroundings are wonderful backdrops for joyful important celebrations!

Sometimes we are all given moments that aren't necessarily celebrated, rather acknowledged, like the last in a series of treatments or the end of a difficult struggle.  Acknowledgement, like celebration, requires a safe and private place where one is free to experience what life has provided.  At Bay Hill Mansion, we seek to create a private, quiet respite that allows our guests to exhale and mark the moment(s). 

Please let us help make those important times meaningful - if you think we can.  From the onset - when you make a reservation online or you call us - we want to know how we can help to make your stay more than special – pampered and unforgettable. We can make restaurant recommendations or reservations, we can help you set up a special tour, adjust the menu to potentially meet your dietary needs, plan a hike to a vista or just (seriously) leave you in peace to relax, restore and renew. 

Bay Hill Mansion: Let someone else take care of you for a change!